Wednesday, 8 February 2012

awww..... horoscopes for pets? so cute.... ::this is for entertainment purpose, don't accuse me of wrongful things ::


good-natured, love outdoors and very independent.has short attention span and sociable. dark places makes it depressed.


very gentle and thus able to generate empathy with its owner's feelings. it will show a lot of affection when the owner is stressed out. very tolerant towards other animal's presence in their territory. love being around water (of course!)


have a lot of energy and very excitable. however, they like to be alone with the owner than its friends. very impatient, and past accidents do not avoid them from making the same mistakes.


likes to express their feelings openly. likes learning new things and it does so quickly. because of its short attention span, it is prone to jumping from one activity to another. makes naughty pets. :)


docile and patient.rarely display much emotion. however, it is very loyal and is always by the owner's side. love hugs, kisses and pretty things.


have great pride in their home and are comfortable if being placed around familiar items. extremely attached to the owners and expect the same loyalty from them. gentle, but moody and respond poorly to strangers. still, they are weak to children because of the maternal instinct.


believe they control their own destiny. love being praised and given attention by the owner. high chance of jealousy and possess bad temper because of their pride.


a total neat freak. love being groomed and enjoy their bathing sessions. intelligent, but a fussy eater.


what going on in its mind is a mystery. they tend to possess a set of deep eyes which may penetrate right through others' souls. thus, they tend to be emotionally distant from both human and animals.


enjoy finer things in life. gets along well with both animals and human. very relaxed ; love to snooze and sunbathe all day long. generally good-looking.


very intelligent and able to recover quickly from illnesses. cautious. tend to distrust other and thus have trust issues with both human and animals.


healthy and active. hate picking fight especially when it is in good mood. but, they are very mischievous. 

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