Friday, 3 February 2012

yesterday i went around 4chan, which is not advisable for those with weak heart and also those who want to 'jaga pandangan mata'.

then i found this.

wow, that's a great one! i never thought of drawing something like that, y'know. well, add that with this urge for me to post something in WeLoveArt (WLA) group i just discovered yesterday, so i made this. yeah, fill in the blank with whatever you want, as long as it's not 'i will kill you and f*ck the body' lol. i kinda like it, so i put it in my sidebar. :) why the blue hair? haha i guess many can guess that it's just another unsuccessfull try to make a chibi hatsune miku. but i reeeally like the shade of blue

 about the WLA group, the peeps in it are just so friendly! it's really a great place for people from all walks of life with passion for arts t get together and just chill in midst of this crazy life and all it's drama.