Saturday, 11 February 2012

WTF ADELE??????????? Just because you're fat you have no right to be condescending of others

i saw this in Xiaxue's post. she was ranting about while some fat people accept the way they are, some other are not too accepting; they start to target people with normal weight. 

the hell, *i* am fat! but i just really disagree with what's being said here. is she saying that Gaga and Katy's music reach sky high because of their boobs and bums? well excuse me if i sound biased but a lot of gaga's song are highly inspirational for many people, and some of katy's are. but what do i hear from you adele? songs about breaking up? coz that's what i got from RITD and SLY.

'not music for the eye, but for the ears'? do you think gaga and katy's fans are thinking about their looks when they're listening to their music? is their looks are what attract people to listen to their songs in the first place? for me, NOPE. if an artist appear, and his/her songs or voice is good, then the songs be archived in my music player, no matter how good/bad he/she looks. but if the artist looks like the aphrodite herself but with music so bad that hades would puke upon it, i wouldn't listen to it. maybe i'll just go on adoring the looks, but NOT the music. who would? so all i can say is ALL music is for ears. no we don't judge people's talent based on their looks, that trend is long gone. well, maybe some still practise it, i dunno

actually the only thing i disagree with this quote is how she said gaga made songs for the eyes. that's just revolting to even think about, coz hers inspire us little monsters in so many ways that breakup songs just couldn't do. 


Azham Vosovic said...

Hehe, I'm neutral...

I love their if they wanna quarrel go on...but please keep on making good songs the three of you, I love your music! hehehe ;)

Ba ba black sheep said...

hikhikhik im sorry, but im in Adele Team. lol (suke sgt aku nak provoke ) :P


fatinlea said...

didn't know, don't care. wekkk :P hahaha i like some of her songs, but if she hate skinnies so much i just hope she won't involve other artist X) jom3x buat list barang2 haha

FareezVanFillers said...

i love adele song...very nice to hear!heheeh btw thanks for visiting my blog