Thursday, 2 February 2012

any difference should not set us apart. we're human, afterall, with the same blood and the same soul

the second time playing around gimp, and i'm still excited (and still sux, apparently :P ) i LOVE it. i wonder why with gimp this coloring thing comes so easily to me now but coloring with photoshop takes years for me to understand (which i kinda gave up eventually)

anyway, this friendship theme just kinda popped into my head coz i was sorta reminded how some people actually avoid the group that are different from themselves. you know, like nerds would avoid the jock, the smart would avoid the dumb, things like that. i know there's minimal chance that people from different group would somewhat 'click', but who knows?

maybe barney's lemon law can be applied, you know, like giving 5 minutes for small talk, and after 5 minutes, if it's not working out, no biggie. at least we tried. well, as long as the other party are actually willing to spend some of their times talking with you. people are so busy nowadays it seems kinda crazy. 

err... for me to actually try this thing... ::shrugs:: i am VERY quiet around people i dont know and i always dont have things to say even with my loved ones. so i don't know if i can actually succeed at things like this. oh, how i wish i'm a smooth-talker like barney :P

night is late and i guess i gotta stop. haha. 


My Name is Mar said...

Ris: Shoudnt bother about differences, we are just under the same sun.. ^_^

lea said...

haha nice one :D