Monday, 6 February 2012

another drawing and the best type of chocolate you can eat between white, milk and dark. totally unrelated topics, that's just how i roll :P

i drew some more-realistic-than-chibi stuff and tried to color it, and the result was... i don't know, it wasn't really good. well, maybe i'll get better as time passed by:3 actually in this type of drawing, i prefer to have it in black and white, coz, like in this drawing, i had to lose a favourite feature on the guy that i like, because i don't know how to color it without destroying the feature. the guy's BLUSH. T_T 

i love putting blush on a guy's face, coz it makes him look kinda like the shy guy, adorable, lovably cute.... XD and that's what i gotta lost when i colored it. wah~ 

moving on to the chocoey topic, i was reading a health magazine and found an article about it. so it said that chocolate's healthy effects come from its plant source, the cacao bean.the cacao bean is a good stuff because it contains falavanol, some kinda antioxidant.


logically, between milk, dark and white chocolate, obviously dark chocolate contain the highest content of cacao bean, so it's the best for your health. but just eat it according to your level, coz i once tried to eat the 70% ones, and THAT is not heavenly. 

milk chocolate contain less flavanol, and that makes the white chocolate as the least type of chocolate you should eat because it contain even less flavanol. however, white chocolate may contains some calcium. 

i like dark chocolate, but can never have the will to incline the other two.  





myra azraff said...

cantik lukisan asal tu..kekalkan yg ori dgn lukisan tangan ! pastu scan warnakan sendiri ..nice:D

fatinlea said...

er.... kekalkan yang ori, pastu warnakan? isn't that what i'm doing? :o nak saya scan ke? x mampu lagi nak beli scanner T_T

agak masalah said...

nak coklat putih 2 kati hehe

fatinlea said...

hahaha boleh2.. kat kl sentral banyak jual coklat sedap2 :P