Friday, 27 January 2012

at the moment, i'm playing Dragon Quest 5 : Hand of Heavenly Bride. it's a hard game, considering i suck at RPG games, but ... i'm just too lazy to study now =_=

suuure the cover is beautiful, but you can't really expect anything extravagant on nds screen in the sense of gameplay graphic. rpg game is best at keeping me glued to the screen coz the storyline keep developing, unlike simulation games like Harvest Moon that tend to be static except for the main event like wedding etc. well, actually i love Harvest Moon but coz it gets so boring, i stopped for a while.

by now i'm sure everyone knows how to play nds games on pc, but in case you dont know how just drop by at i suggest you use desmume emulator for nds games. :)


Laila said...

That is so cool, You live in Malaysia!


lea said...

haha :)

Apisometres said...

RPG!!! me loike! nak kena try emulator tu.. sbb xde nds.. :) cover tu akira toriyama yg wat, best kan?

lea said...

a'ah akira toriyama yang wat... pergh best giler la... patut la website2 games sume cakap game ni wajib maen haha. tapi ku main gne walkthrough sebab me sux at direction =_=