Wednesday, 18 January 2012

in the midst of inescapable darkness

Sofia woke up as soon as the alarm started going off. She went through her usual morning routine; taking a bath, dressing up and going downstairs for breakfast. On the way down she collected her schoolbag before carefully walking down the stairs.

"Morning, honey. I've got you bread with butter spread and some batter-fried chicken slices. And your favourite ceasar salad. Also there's leftover rice krispies from yesterday. All on the table. And I gotta go now, early meeting today. Dont bother locking the door, the maid will arrive about the time you leave." Sofia was greeted with that voice as soon as she got into the kitchen. She smiled, and told him to take care of himself before heading straight to the table.

She ate her breakfast slowly. And was suddenly alarmed that it was her father's birthday. Her sole guardian and beloved after her mother run away from home in the search of life beyond marriage. 

Sofia bite her lips. If only she can see, she would be able up pick out beautiful things to be given to him, so he would be happy. And feel loved, just the way he made her feel all these years. 

If only...

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