Wednesday, 25 January 2012

siofra, my little elf, what's behind your solemn frown?

when we were in the third grade, siofra once told me that her name simply means 'elf'. i guess her name applied to her petite and lean physique. on her 18th birthday, i can hold her up no problem, and i did. for 30 minutes, giving her a piggy back ride around the party venue which is my own summer house. oh, the only people attending was us, which kinda let us do any crazy thing we intended.

when i first met siofra, she was quiet and cross. a pretty little girl who would snap without warning. everyone in the class had a silent agreement that they would ignore her, but i just can't. because i was few months back anew student too, and i knew how lonely it could be before the whole class would slowly warm up to me.

it was hard at the beginning. she snapped at me, pushed me away and did every thing possible to make me hate her. i was going to give up, but suddenly she opened up to me. she told me she was bullied in her effort to make friends, and consequently she became hesitant to believe people's sincerety. 

in the end we become best friend, but i still can't keep away her automatic frown which appear when other people are present. i guess she still had issues with trusting people, so she took the shortcut of not having connection with on at all. 

i just want people to know that behind her mean frown was a kind and frail young woman  who was stuck in bad childhood experience.

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