Thursday, 26 January 2012

my own fairy tale. but it's not the tale of love.

Dean turned to me with his smile, his hands waving the cinema tickets in front of me. I smiled as i handed him his box of favourite caramel popcorn and the compulsory mountain dew code red. As for me, as long as i have the 'smuggled' pretty little doughnuts i bought earlier in my coat and a big cup of steaming chocolate drink, our weekly date in the cinema couldn't be better.


Who knew action movie can be so touching? And it was about betrayal. Team betrayal. Shit shit shit. I just can't contain myself from remembering this week's event, which sucks like hell. The whole group of girls whom i thought were my best friends ditched me. Not even one come to at least ask how i was doing. Those skanks...

But... no matter how big of suckers they are, i just can't hold back the anger. the disappointment. And the dreaded tears. They just came in involuntary waves that i totally have no power onto.

That was when i felt someone's hand held me. Dean's. He held my shoulders and kissed top of my head. 

"I know.." he whispered in midst of the deafening bombs and helicopter sounds. I continued to cry, leaning more into his warm embrace for support and i don't know, the love i crave from a friend. 

At this moment, i couldn't be happier that my path crossed Dean's , with him ended up being the most reliable, loving and loyal friend i ever have. Without all the unnecessary drama.

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