Monday, 23 January 2012

choices choices between this delicious food and the other delicious food

French Fries or Potato Wedges?

Eat = Wedges

Why? = The larger the potato is cut, the less oil is absorbed.

Tuna Sandwich or Tuna Salad?                         

Eat = Tuna Sandwich w/o mayo

Why? = Tuna Salad is usually covered in mayo, which contain LOTS of kilojoules.


French Toast or Pancakes?                     
Eat = French Toast

Why? = Its egg coating add up protein value, which also gives the toast more flavor and moisture. Eating dry pancakes will cause you to use more syrup = more kJ


Nuts or Dried Fruit?                                  
Eat = Nuts

Why? = It contain vitamin E, fibre, protein and healthy fat. Also, pistachio andwalnuts aid in weight loss.


Smoothie or Cereal and Fruits?

Eat = Cereals with Fruits

Why? = Cereals are loaded with vitamins and minerals.

Caesar Salad or Grilled-chicken Sandwich?

Eat = Grilled-chicken Sandwich                     

Why? = Ceasar Salad (mostly) contains cheese, croutons and creamy dressing = 4x fat of sandwich.


Sorbet or Ice-creams?

Eat = Sorbet

Why? = Sorbet has less than half fat contained in ice-cream, and less than 2g fat per serving.


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