Tuesday, 31 January 2012

some ways to get MORE from skype, though i’m not an avid user atm, but maybe i could use these in the future.

screen sharing. brilliant. if malaysia’s internet speed magically get 300x faster in the future, i could definitely use this feature to watch videos together with a friend. :P oh, as a part of info dumping, i better put in how to access this feature : click the overlapping rectangle on the toolbar beneath the video-calling screen. then one can decide between sharing the entire screen or just a part of it. in case one’s wallpaper consist of naked ulzzangs. okay, jk. 

send files of any sizes. useful if that file is too large for email. but the recipient must have their skype running in the background. how? 1. click the contact name from address book. 2. in the “Conversation” menu, go to “Send”, then “File” to open Windows Explorer and 3. select the file you want to send.

customize your own skype buttons. skype buttons can be put in blog or website to show your current status or to call. how? use the button wizard. for standard buttons, only enter your skype name and then choose from a list of default buttons. the wizard will then provide the code to be added in the site.

use your own call ringtone and other notification audio. how? Tool > Option > Sound from the skype dashboard. only .wav or .skype audio files can be used. bummer. isn’t .mp3 universal enough?

Group Video Calling can be utilized by up to 10 people, but among these 10 people, only 1 need to be the premium user. hmm... useful enough to share money to set up daily group discussion late at night for 1 premium account?

add effect to your voice. HA! how? download Skype Voice Changer and alter your voice properties from echoes, pitch, and time delay. 

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