Wednesday, 25 January 2012

i just can get this out of my mind until i blog it : Ju(i)cy Lucy Cheeseburger

being a fan of food, it's only natural that i love watching Man V. Food. American food never cease to amaze me, sometimes i just wish that i was born there and thus be able to enjoy all the good food.  

ah, dreams..

yesterday, Adam went to Minnesota ( i guess) to try the Juicy Lucy. It's really just a cheeseburger with the cheese IN the patty, not ABOVE it. with the heat and all, the cheese will still melt when we are eating it. oh my... that's heavenly.

so today i wanna dump the info i got her, that's how to make Juicy Lucy patty

Cut the cheese into 
some small pieces or 
just fold it

Put the cheese on top 
of a patty and put another 
patty on top of them.

Press the edges of the patties
so that the cheese will not be
able to get out once it melted

Fry the patty and make it a part
of an awesome cheeseburger! 

Eat, but dont forget to watch the 
cheese oozes outta the patty after 
your first bite! Yay!