Sunday, 8 January 2012

so, now it's ' 1tikus 1ringgit / 1tikus 1rm '. as a side income, it's not bad if one don't mind being surrounded with rats and being enclosed in filthy surrounding.

actually i'm more hoping for 1criminal 1000ringgit. :P

no, i mean, seriously? is kuala lumpur is in such bad condition that this... thing must be carried on? ok, looking at the bright side, people who constantly sighing about not having enough salary for high living in the city can get their gloves and old clothes from the storeroom before heading out into the darkness. 

and as a family activity, it's not a bad thing lol. it promotes cooperation, work group and tolerance, AND boost immunity to filthy surroundings.

i just hopes that IF the rats being said there is REAL rats, there wont be any terrible torture employed upon them, coz even though they're dirty and yadda yadda but they're also animals with feelings.

IF the rats being mentioned in real thing,not rats that are ... metaphorical thing.

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