Tuesday, 24 January 2012

so here's some questions i ought to answer,

thanks yoyo. so here is my set of answers :)

1. your full name?

fatin eliya saif
2. where are you from?


3. your favourite food and beverage?
fav food would be anything as long as it's (preferably succulent) meat 
and fav drink would be anything chocolatey. :) 
4. between FB and BLOG which one do you like the most and why?
well, i'd say blogging is my fav. coz it allow me to express myself unlimited-ly. also, because i got only a few people reading mine, so i feel quite free to expose my muse in blog. stating things in fb feels rather too public for my liking.
5.your age ?
21 (geez, the voting time has come T_T) 

6. studying or working ?
studying in uni, but currently on holiday, so... yeah.
7. between cat and hamster, what would you choose? why?
of course cat! coz they're cute, and cuddly and i can go to sleep with them without worrying i'll find them dead in the morning after i accidentally lie on top of them in my sleep.
8. like shopping? why?
as a girl and a young woman, yeah, shopping is SO addictive. because i want to buy LOTSA things!!! but because my income is very limited so i dont indulge often. 
9. characteristics of potential partner 

understanding, spontaneous, adventurous, caring, stable income and... have stronger faith than me.

10. between ugly rich man and handsome poor man, which one you would rather have?
let's face it, money is important these days. ugly rich man would be my choice IF ONLY there's no other normal men in sight. =_='' which i'm hoping there are some.
11. state your reaction when answering question 10

i'm pretty confident. :P


bubu zulkepli said...

same with me : come from johore bharu . nice to know u :)

rotihalia said...
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