Tuesday, 24 January 2012

another (counting in my head) maybe around 20 days i'll be off to uni, leaving this helluva relaxing, non-productive heavenly life i'm having at this moment

i drew the  illustration below, and have no idea what to write about it. previously i make some kind of fiction revolving 'em, and... maybe this time too. 

Fasha promptly sat on the huge luggage once she had her last piece of clothes forced into it. It was a lot of struggle, physically she was fighting with the pressure of the piles of clothes inside the luggage, and mentally, she was torn between her necessity of going and her wanting to stay. 

Yes, the offer to go to the elite school with scholarship coming to middle-class-family student like her was rare. She ought to grasp the chance and use it to fully cultivate her development as a useful daughter, society member and citizen. And let's not forget the bright future she would be having. 

But Fasha knew all too well, that it would mean that she had to leave her life in high school. Her friends, her best friends. Her ... crush. Khairul Ezreen. They only met at school and she have no idea where he lived, although she had stalked him for, like, two years. Yes, this transfer means she would have to somehow 'erase' him from her mind because she would lost him in real life.


Fasha yelled as loud as she could , pouring out her anger and dissatisfaction of all things that she would lose, that night. Doesn't matter because she was home alone. She knew she could yell and scream as she liked.

But what she didn't know was that she was wasting her voice and saliva when her rambles came to the part about Ezreen. Because he did get the very same offer she got. 

And most probably, things will get much better for her in their new school. At least, Ezreen was hoping so when he appealed to the elite school's board member who happened to be his uncle for both of their names to be chosen for the next batch.



Lee-kun said...

what a cute illustration..^^

lea said...

thanks :)