Tuesday, 17 January 2012

pretty pretty boy i love you

It was a windy evening and Layla was enjoying her quiet time on the cloth-covered floor with Eitch and Plum. As usual, Plum was keen on keeping his eyes on Eitch. 

Layla smiled when her favourite song by M2M was aired on the radio. 'Pretty boy, huh? Do we really need to be pretty, beautiful or attractive to be loved by anyone else?'

She thought for a while, and remembered that she herself was dumped because she wasn't pretty enough to be the girlfriend of the athlete of the school, Ryan. 

She thought again and remembered that her affection for Danny, the freckled and thick-spectacled boy in her driving class was barely based on looks. He treat her much better than the other guys; like another human being, not just a potential hook up.

Layla smiled. 'At least i'm not one of those people who love others based solely on their physical beauty.'

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