Thursday, 12 January 2012

okay so right now i'm sooo into Jane by Design. what sweeps me off my feet was the friendship between Jane and Billy.

Jane by Design is a story about a high school girl named Jane who applied for internship in fashion industry, but a mistake happened and she was accepted as Grey's assistant. 

It was like watching dramatised Devils Wear Prada, but with much more twist and excitement. :: from the person who yawned halfway through Devils Wear Prada ::

too bad that this show will only have, like, 10 episodes. and in recent time only episode 1 and 2 has been aired. :: from the person who can't wait for another episode :P ::

to end this entry, i'd like to include one of the sweetest moment in Billy and Jane's friendship. at this point, Jane had gotten her first paycheck and she was so excited that she glomped at Billy

aww.... so sweet

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