Sunday, 18 December 2011

second and third lessons from New Girl #1


in every scene where guy and/or girls live together, this thing should exist. believe it or not, some girls can be a real douchebag. dont be fooled by their 'sweet n nice' acting when there's a presence of good-looking males around them

this thing is ESPECIALLY useful if one of 'em really is one big douche-b. one month passing this thing around and ta-dah, a free meal for everyone for one night! and that particular person can learn the meaning and application of STFU.



 to tempt potential dates is not really a hard work if you're beautiful like rebecca black


but there's something important in introduction phase that a girl have to be aware of.


okay, this one is okay

i dont know why schmidt doesnt like it. wait, on second thought, this kind of smile is too open to be presented upon a stranger. it's like "look at me! i wanna do you, like, TOTALLY!!" kind of smile.

and this one, OH HELL NO.

  i think it made her looks like a chipmunk?

and move on to the next one. this kind of smile is the most magical one. really. it can turn zooey deschanel into thin rosie o'donnell in one blink of the eye. 


and the last thing, this 'hey sailor' thing.... i'm not sure about this...


not sure

about it


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