Tuesday, 20 December 2011

i don't celebrate christmas, but i like it's elements : food, costume, atmosphere, tree, blahblahblah.... and when pet owners celebrate christmas, it means... DRESSING UP TIME FOR THE CUDDLIES!!!!

it's already daytime... why is my stocking still stay untouched? my desired specially-handmade-tuna kibbles??     

yes, judging from my bored face, anyone can see clearly that i'm bored. this is my last year's costume for god's sake. i told Master i wanted the pink satin one but... let's just say our telepathic communication doesnt work out well 

is that santa? is that santa? ........ OUCH! why did he tore his beard off completely? i bet it hurts like hell. that, or he's another fake. oh...

'this is my favourite time of the year. the only time she would lie close to me is when my body heat proves to be useful. fml in another season'

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