Monday, 5 December 2011

is endless forever?

Diana stirred up slowly as the sound of crowd woke her up. She sat on her bed as she peeked outward the window. The workers were getting ready as the bakery will open in thirty minutes. Already the smell of fresh bread and scones lingered its way into her room. Diana held her grumbling stomach, thinking it's the cons of having one's house located exactly inside a large bakery.

"Are you still thinking about him?" The sudden voice lead her sight to the young man standing at the door. Diana shook her head and smiled at him. The ever caring brother, Daniel.  He just got back from three days trip to Quel City accompanying the workers buying the world's best flour.

"Those weeks I did missed him endlessly."

"I think there was no light in your eyes."

"I'm sorry, Daniel. But I realize now, he won't be coming back no matter how much I yearn for him..."

Diana stood up and hugged him.

"...And endless doesn't mean forever." 

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