Sunday, 4 December 2011

i am.erica

"saya erika."

i nodded with a smile. stood before me was what you would call a typical tak sedar diri urban malay girl. beautiful, with the aid of mass of gunk on her face. tight red blouse and white skirt so short i can just stoop a little and get a bit sneak peek i hope.. ok, jk. i'm straight. her hair was a colorful combination of gold, dark gold and black. not pretty, coz the black roots shows the whole gold thing is fake. bummer. i guess she missed her last appointment in the hair saloon.

'saya erika'
'i am erika'
'i am erica'

she is indeed.

"something's wrong with my face?" she asked, slight apprehensiveness on her expression. demm. i was carried away with my thoughts again. 

"no,no. saya sarah." she smiled. 

"cantik skirt," she said to me. my favourite plaid one, of course it's nice. it's comfy and short enough, suitable for this country's hot weather.

ahh... another sweet little americanized girl. guess i find my partner in this new college.


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.:rizaL:. said...

hahah...grand! sgt merica