Friday, 9 December 2011

rare is true love, but true friendship is even rarer

Liyana poured cold fresh milk into two glasses, completing the breakfast set of that day; chicken omelette and blueberry pancakes... and milk. She carefully carried the tray to the living room. He was watching some anime on TV intently, until the smell of freshly made pancakes disturbed his attention. He paused it and went to her. Or rather to his meal.

"Mama... I wonder. Is the people in these shows are different from the real people?" 

"What made you say that?"

"These people, it's like friends are everything to them. They cherish friendship as if it's something so precious... they even willing to die for it. But in my life.... My friends... It's nothing like that. You see, some would betray others. Some would left their friends for their weaknesses. Some would ditch their friends because they find better ones."

Liyana looked at Hazry with unknown expression. A bit of amazement. A bit of disbelief. And some sadness. At such age he was thinking of that, when his friend are all wondering how to get their hands on the next porn.

"So what should I be? The ones in the anime or the ones I saw in real life? I'm confused mom. To be too faithful, I'm scared that in the end *I* would be the one hurt. But I don't want to be a jerk too. And I don't want to be lonely, too...."

Liyana swallowed her last bite of blueberry pancake and looked at Hazry. "I don't know. seriously. Though I'm your mother, it doesn't mean I know everything. Hazry, let me tell you. I suck in this department. I often cried and whined when all the drama of friendship went into my head. But you know what your father said? Don't get too close with anyone. He told me family is the priority. i can't say I agree 100% with his suggestion, but it did clear some sh*t out of my head."

"It's not like you can't have a best friend. Or several. But true friendship is very rare, hon. Even rarer than true love."

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