Friday, 23 December 2011

the reasons a stressed student like me should be alowed to keep cat in hostels

-researchers said that cat has more calming effect to their owner than any other pets.- 

right? i'd prefer coming home to purring cats compared to an aquarium full of gaping fishes gurgling 'feed me! feed me!' plus, 'calming effects' means i'd be more willing to take a book and study or i'd rather spend whole night loving the furries. oops, cat lady much? :P


-stroking cats can reduce blood pressure and also one's chance of getting heart disease -

yay! keeping cats make the owner live longer :) 


-they are also easy to keep, considering the fact that they are smart and independent, thus low maintenance-

err... not really THAT low for me... but still affordable. and even more convenient if the cat is clever enough to dump its poopoo at the right spot. dont wanna go to bed to discover piles of cr*p on my sheets...


-plus, cats are cute! really!-

need i say more? 

i rest my case


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