Saturday, 31 December 2011

the first entry in 2012 :) gonna be jotting down some of my resolutions :P

1. lose some weight (recycled from 2011 T_T)

2. read my piles of spider-webbed ebooks. oh, that reminds me that i (maybe) should get an ebook reader :P

3. i want to put my drawing in this blog, coz i keep losing them =_=''' but for that i either need a drawing tablet OR a scanner (fine! more things to be bought in 2012 )

4. be a better human

i guess that's all? i think no. 1 is achievable coz i think i will do a lot of cardio exercise in the spacious uni. no. 2... i guess it's okay as long as it wont strain my eyes too much. no. 3.... i'l see if i can buy a drawing tablet :P and no. 4 is the most challenging of all. but i'll try. dah nama pun azam, haruslah kene cube dulu... 


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