Friday, 2 September 2011

third day of eid

is the most tiring day. together with papa's siblings and their family, we went to houses in which the older generation resides. it was not really tiring, because we only entered the house, shake hands with the grandpas and grannies, eat a bit cookies (ha! actually i eat a LOT!), drink a bit beverages and eventually left the house. but OH BOY did i was relieved when everything is over. what makes it so painful? the friggin' hot weather! i was sweating like madness that made walking seems like a 100m sprint. 

and here's one picture mama, ayu and i took at one of the houses we visited that day, please ignore my messed up hijab and my pale-because-the-lipstick-is-long-gone-with-cookies-crumbs-and-cordial-drinks lips.



Azham Vosovic said...

hehehe, Leya raya sakan huhuhu

lea said...

xdenye sakan.... orang tu lagi meriah raye keliling negeri lagi XD