Friday, 2 September 2011

peanut cookies

     "What's with all these heads-down thing? Look at me," Hazry said as his hands tugged the girl's chin upwards. A wide grin appeared on his face as soon as he understood what was going on. Just like a little pearl, a pimple was growing in the middle of Aryssa's forehead, which considering the girl's flawless skin, would bring much  attention to the little 'gem'.

     "It's Abang Kimi's fault.  He brought home this delicious peanut cookies, and I just can't resist..." Aryssa commented with a cute little pout, which made Hazry chuckled.

     "You know even with zits like that all over your face, you would still be the cutest girl I've ever found." 

     "No way."

     "You think I go for looks? Okay, I did when choosing my favourite actress. But when it's someone that I would have to spend time under this cherry tree with, talking with her for hours, sharing my present and past with her, I want someone lovable, just the way you are now."

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