Sunday, 18 September 2011

eid this year


       "I think that's all for today. Here's your pay. Thanks for your help these few days ya." Cik Mira said while fishing out several red notes from her purse. Hazry quickly wiped sweat off his face before taking them from her frail hands. Walking away from the grocery store, he grinned with satisfaction; he now had enough money to fulfil his little princess' wish.

*  *  *

     "Wow, that's beautiful dress you have, Balqis!" Aryssa exclaimed with awe as soon as the little girl stepped into her lawn, Hazry standing right behind her.          
          "Pretty, right?! Abang give it to me!" she answered happily before rushing into the living room to show off her adorable clothes to another kids who have already been there for Aryssa's open house.

          Aryssa moved her attention towards the boy standing before her. "And you. I thought you said you wanted that expensive Nike tee as your eid apparel?" 

          "Well, anything for the little princess." Aryssa nodded, a sign that she understood.  Meanwhile, Hazry shot a naughty up-and-down look on Aryssa, making the girl who was dressed in soft pink kebaya nyonya blushed. She took hold of the clothing covering his arms and pulled him towards the door.

           "Come on in. Athirah, Risa, Haikal and Danny has been waiting for you. Also, I made your favourite nasi tomato." He chuckled a little as they went into the house together.      

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