Monday, 19 September 2011

four in the morning

After hours of turning and tossing on her bed, she finally made up her mind. 'Every question deserves an answer', she thought - even the one she had no courage to answer to. Aryssa hesitantly turned on the desktop to see the email that had change her day into frenzy of emotion. An email from Haikal.

"... So, I like you very much. Hazry is just not enough for you. Please consider me as potential lover, in case you need someone better than him."
     "Such an egocentric opportunist," she mumbled. He most probably had witnessed the signs of crisis between Hazry and her, and started making assumptions about their relationship, and finally letting his feeling and idiocy get the best of him. Aryssa inhaled deeply as her fingers started typing rather harshly on the keyboard.

"We're still together." 

was her brief answer. Somehow she was grateful she was not that close to him, she can't stand such awkwardness she foresaw would occur. The very moment, her phone beeped. A message from Hazry.

Aryssa smiled reading it.

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