Monday, 26 September 2011

the red scarf

     "Are you sure about this hijab thing? I mean, once you pick that path, you gotta stick to it, you know..." Diana mumbled. She stared at the girl sitting before her. Aryssa was beautiful, she would be even if her black lustrous locks covered with a piece of cloth. Aryssa shook her head softly. 

     "I don't know. I... I just feel like it's finally time to do it. I know people will say all sort of things, but still...." She grasped the red scarf on the table as if trying to find the source of strength to set her heart. That expensive piece of cloth given by Hakimi's fiancee, Kak Lisa after her umrah last year felt soft in her hands, but she could still feel the stubbornness of streaks of threads among the fabrics.  

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