Sunday, 18 September 2011

chrome add ons

you can say i'm biased towards google chrome, because i've been using firefox since forever. (logically, internet explorer is totally out of question. it's old, slow and useless. it's unfortunate i can't delete it from the system). 

but as time goes on, i was influenced, bit by bit, because i just can subtract the fact that chrome is indeed google's child and gmail and blogger, which is also google's, have been my favourite.

so i'm thinking perhaps i could try to be chrome user in my next laptop, an idea that comes just in perfect relation with the entry of "google add-ons" in webuser 8 september 2011. (because i love add-on. my internet life is lifeless if they're absent). so i'm just gonna share the add-ons in this post.

i havent use these add-ons, so i'm not sure whether it's really good. i hope they are.

1. stayfocusd

it's an add-on that limit the amount of time you can spend on a website. firstly you gotta set the amount of time, say, 2 hours per day on facebook. when the time allocated is used, it will block facebook. fin. 

perfect for my addictive frequent visit on memebase, quickmeme and lamebook

2. google dictionary extension

an unknown word appeared!
double click on the word!
meaning attack!
pronunciation attack!
= unknown word is captured!

also, work on foreign word.

3. hide friends from facebook

let you hide people from your facebook without the need to unfriend them.
a miracle tool if i need to befriend a lot of people when i started playing facebook games. hoo!

so there's what i like. the entry actually include, like, 20 of add-ons but which i found of no use to me, which can be found below.

4. block junk website from google search

5. change appearance of web pages

6. find and mute noisy tab

7. always new tab on the front

8. block certain websites with "Web Access Blocked" message, particularly from children

9. share content on multiple social network

i'm not responsible for any problem caused by these things. just sharing.

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