Friday, 28 October 2016

tk moments

so i was drawing, and it came to me that the smallest stroke can bring the biggest difference. it's almost amazing.

these past months, i've been reminded of tim and kay.

i've doodled here and there.

written something here and there.

the stories are fractured segments all over my head. i never even bothered to mend the cracks and shatters worn by time, and it has been 12 years.

maybe it's time.

i've always envisioned tim as your usual blond-haired, blue-eyes boy. 

but kay. with his green eyes, i thought shades of brown hair would fit in just fine. but i haven't found a good shade so for now i'm using black. this kinda makes him looks like hero from tvxq when he still have his black long locks *squeal*

lyrics of This Town by Niall Horan

'Cause if the whole world was watching I'd still dance with you
Drive highways and byways to be there with you
Over and over the only truth
Everything comes back to you

it's a sweet and soothing song about lost love

that's all for now

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