Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Blue Hair

so recently i was chatting with a student and the topic of personas came up. i remember telling him about the origin of my persona's blue hair.

when in reality i myself had forgotten where it came from

and the only character with blue hair that came across my mind at that time was hatsune miku. so that's what i told him. my blue hair came from this celebrity.

but i felt uneasy. why in the world would i choose to be inspired by her? it's not like i was ever be infatuated with her. she was okay, some songs i like here and there. nothing too special.

just now, i was booting up my pc. and only then i fucking remembered.

i took the idea of the blue hair not from miku, but from this girl. i adored her character, because like me, she was a fangirl with much better drawing skill (goddammit) and i can relate so much with her because of that.

she's still the profile picture for my various emails, and my pc i'll wait for my skin to clear up and 40 pounds weight loss before i use my real picture in everything

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