Thursday, 20 October 2016

Pre Order UK : Munchies and Other Stuff

SO and I have been wanting to taste Dr. Pepper since we saw it in American Horror Story 4. I searched for it at Nu Sentral and some other imported stuff market but luck wasn't on my side.


So then I saw this personal shopper page is taking orders for groceries. At first I was 'meh' coz I heard people commented that European Dr Pepper doesn't taste the same as its American siblings.


This is the turning point. I'm praying that by 'original' they mean it's from US production. So I went and ordered it.

But being a foodie, I can't just waste a whole order for a fucken bottle of soft drink, right? Yes sir, I bought some other things.

Yes I'm crazy about chocolate. 

And the last thing I got is a bottle of British pickle. I was actually looking for the normal pickle but I couldn't stand the thought of holding the wrinkled cucumber to cut it into thin slices *shivers* so I looked at the other options.

Apparently British pickles are different from the usual pickle. They eat it with cheese sandwich. Which is different from how I like my normal pickles 1. in the middle of a burger 2. hot dog bun + mayonnaise + sausage.

Well, it's a chance to try new things, so I figured 'why not?'

That's all I ordered this time. Apparently the ETA is in January so that's a long wait, but I'm not rushing or anything.

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