Wednesday, 19 October 2016


it's 12.49 a.m. and i'm perusing this old blog. i can't sleep.

it has been nearly 3, THREE fucken years since I last posted anything in here. wow. that's a long hiatus.

so i am working now, believe it or not as a teacher. *smirk* well i did tooken fucking TESL so that's very well expected. 

married for 2 years and several months. 

in the process of buying our first house. 

still living with my parents, with SO in other state.

that summed up the changes / development in the three year hiatus of this blog. 

actually, i had set up another blog, but then i go back here. go down the memory lane and though 'wow there's so much of me here, i can't be just leave em here' what the hell was i actually thinking when i created another blog? how bout i just use what i have now?

yes, that's what i'm doing.


oh, actually i just wanted to post something about a drawing.
so since I started working, i have been drawing less and less, to the point 'they all ain't coming back to me now' a.k.a. i've forgotten about how to do everything.

so i have to start back from the beginning.

and i intend to sharpen my digital drawing skills a bit, coz, even after a dear friend gave me a Wacom tablet, i just used it kinda sparingly. 

nope nope nope nope. i MUST use it to draw because i'm sick of wasting papers :(

note the regression of the quality compared to the drawing before 'the hiatus'

so this is a bit more life-like compared to the cartoonish style i favored before, so maybe that also explains the low quality. heh. 

excuses, excuses.

anyway i take the inspiration from a pic of Emily Ratajkowski i found online. but the picture i drew ended up having 2% resemblance to the original picture T_T

man, that girl the real one, not my drawing is hot like the burning sun. 

that's all for now

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