Sunday, 29 July 2012

recent read : Gentle Daisy (Dengeki Daisy)

gentle daisy is quite an interesting manga. it's about a girl whose brother died, and all that he left her is a handphone, which she will use to message an individual named daisy. daisy's role in the girl's life is to cheer her up with kind words and to protect her from any incoming danger.

that's the element that captured my interest.

once i had my own daisy, who constantly cherish me with kind words, and to stay with me during the worst moments in my life, all through text messages. i know that seemed impossible, but i was there once. and somehow, not knowing (in real life) the person at the end of the line give you freedom to tell them just about everything. and that was enough for me, to have someone listened to my problems and knowing that actually this person care to listen to my unnecessary ramblings.

but i became greedy, and i took our relationship to the next level. real-life level.

right now, i know i have made the right choice. but that action, actually cause me to lose my own daisy. knowing someone in real life, no matter how special that relationship turned out to be, barred me from spilling everything out to the person. no matter how badly i want to. and i AM bad with spoken words, especially when i'm frustrated or angry, which will cause things i said to be taken for another meaning. so i stayed silent most of the times.

so.. i kinda missed having my own daisy back.

though it may be improbable, or even impossible. 

p/s : if you read this, don't misunderstand.



Rizal Sadiman said...

Alaaa perempuan sgt la jln cerita dia hehe

fatinlea said...

name pun shoujo manga... mmg la pompuan storyline die... apada...