Friday, 6 July 2012

i *tried* to draw xiaxue, and... i can't say i don't like it :)

you can say i'm a sucker for xiaxue. plastic or not, she is certainly one of the most beautiful blogger, in addition she has  a fabulous life! that's quite everything i would like to order from fate department. lol.

as one of her fans, it's only natural for me to subscribe to her facebook page, and one day she uploaded this picture. blah blah blah duck-face-we've-all-known yadda yadda i know, but awwww doesn't she look adorable? and all the pink? and whatever warm filter she used on the photo? 

i love this picture.

so i decided that i'd want to draw this one pic. and months after that, i finally did.

i know. it's not nearly eye-catching as the original, but... i like it. maybe it's because the eyes, which i just figured how to make 'em that way. :D 

and maybe because i finally move from my standard 'standing' pose. copying from picture is a really good exercise, coz then the pose of the object will be more lifelike, and the anatomy will be more accurate, too. (which in my case is 'uh' because i really tend to deviate from the original picture. Lol.

cheerios. or cheerio without 's'? i forgot.

p/s : is it wrong for me to post her picture here? i thought as long as i'm not saying anything demeaning, it's okay. correct me if i'm wrong.


Azham Vosovic said...

City Girl at heart hehe....yg tu pon cute hehehehe

You are so talented Lea...keep on drawing!

fatinlea said...

thanksieee :)