Saturday, 28 July 2012

calories please be kind to me

i've had weight issue since i was a kid. i think i did eat a lot more compared to my other siblings, which in turn makes me the fattest of 'em all. T_T not the title anyone wants, isn't it.

however in recent time, i kinda realized that i should do something about it. i don't wanna end up growing old fat and eventually forced by the doctor to jog around the park every morning just for the sake of my health when i should fill my retirement years with relaxing and other stuff i should be doing by then.

i did lose some weight, thanks to a simple breakfast i took from february to june, though occasionally i was defeated by the nasi lemak and fried mee hoon sold at the ground level of the hostel. i need to lose at least another 17 kg more to achieve my ideal weight. wow. now that i'm typing it out here, that number sure seems like a LOT. 

so with the semester holiday, i'm staying at home, and once again defeated by all kinds of delicious breakfast sold around my house ( my family don't cook our own breakfast, we buy them most of the time ). and i stopped with my breakfast scheme.

and ramadhan came. i know lots of people see this month as an opportunity to eat less, but after seven days, i see no changes. but still, fortunately i maintained the weight from june until now. PHEW! 

so calories, please be kind to me. let me consume a little less of you guys, and can you please please please burnt off a little quicker when i'm doing anything in my sedentary lifestyle? gosh i sound so lazy and BAD. but that's just who i really am. a lazy girl hoping to shed some more weight so she can do a little krav maga. heh. i wish.


Elle Who? said...

u go lea! the last time i saw u, i think u kinda look thinner than the year b4..keep it up, love! :)

fatinlea said...

hahaha really? i don't think it's too apparent but all that matter is my own sense of satisfaction. (^_^) anyway, thanksie for the encouragement!


kemon fatin kemon! hee~ =)

fatinlea said...

haha thanks zati :D