Tuesday, 3 July 2012

letting go

i just need to get away for some time. maybe it's the best thing to do. this isn't my luckiest hunch but i think this time, i'm right. 

yeah i'll miss you, the-sites-i-frequent-for-years-till-now

on a lighter note, i LOATHE it when i tuned in to mtv hits and korean songs popped out of nowhere. i definitely missed the time when i can understand the songs they play in the channel. too bad, people easily succumb to plastic beauty and empty coreography. 

well, me too, actually. but i prefer moves from so you think you can dance and ALL the plastic beauty can only attract me to stare for like, 30 seconds and not the whole 4 minutes video. 

so for me, kpop can suck it.


Azham Vosovic said...


I agree with this statement:

"people easily succumb to plastic beauty and empty coreography".

fatinlea said...

lol! i kinda like the sentence too actually :D but don forget to put the 'h' in the choreography. i kinda left it :P

Rizal Sadiman said...

this is SAMANTHA RONSon hahah!