Saturday, 7 July 2012

rambles rambles rambles.... and a request from a friend :3

it's holiday season (bazillionth YAY!) which means it's time for frequent drawing sessions. for this holiday, i try to find pictures that i can translate directly into pieces of drawing. most of the time, the subject would be women, or female characters. i don't know... i just don't have the courage to draw men :/

and in the meantime, i still have to read the road rules thing for my L license (yep, 21 is a bit late to start getting a licence, i know). which i'm quite happy to announce that i passed the computer test. HOURRA! i think i'll continue to get my P licence during the next holiday ::shrugs::

and one day, my friend rizal, fellow classmate and blogger asked me to draw something for him. i told him it would take quite some time, and by today i think that's enough time. he wanted something cute, but after drawing previous ones which are all NOT chibis, i guess i can't change the mature ambience of my tools. lol.  

and i ended up with this.

i like the shirt and the hair. haha


Azham Vosovic said...

It's very Rizal-like....and I love your drawing of Azham Vsvc too hehehehehe!

fatinlea said...

hehehe :D

me too!