Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Marceline, the Vampire Princess

Marceline is one of my favourite characters from Adventure Time. 

(Actually I kinda like everyone in the series, except the Lemon Guy who keeps yelling in that annoying voice.)

I was kinda blown away by the fact that vampires in the series don't actually consume blood, but rather they suck the color of red from anything that are... well, red.

I'm still fascinated by that trivia until now. 

Well, the drawing is not my favourite, though. Marceline's back is kinda flat, the posture is weird, and I could use a lot of help in the hands construction.

Since there's no friends' scanner to be used, I used CamScanner app. It actually works quite well. I'm considering to buy the full version. 

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Elle Who? said...

haha! rajen ko melukes cecuti mst tgh x mnyabo waiting for the next epi of GoT lol