Sunday, 16 June 2013

17th June, and I've read....

yay or nay? 
hahaha not that i really care.
i just love peeking into others' lives reading .

anyway, i took this from, a site that works magnificently if you want to track how many books you've read or if you just want to show off how much you've read.

i think i'll have my students sign up for this thing... and... yea, that just come across my mind. perhaps they can post their reflection about a (notice the singularity. with malaysian's attitude of reading 'yang masih di takuk lama', i don't expect much.) book that thay've read. 

"miss elle, i've finished my online assignment." 

online assignment.

sounds grand, huh. :P

let my future self figure out how to check the reflections of 
a class of 40 students.

anyway, on a different note, i owe ALL my reading, and my increased pace of reading (i think i read nothing between 2007-2011) to my Kindle Paperwhite.

i love that thing. 

all my future daughters/sons will have that device (or any other ebook reader model they shall have invented by then) as their 5th birthdays. 

also taken from

cute ain't it?



fuyooo! congratz! haha :D

p/s: 5th birthday? *pitam* haha :D

fatinlea said...

apeeeeeee..... :P

baaaa said...

creepy mummy. I will destruct ur kids everytime i come to ur house! wahahahahahahahahaha

fatinlea said...

kedengki! HAHAHA