Saturday, 8 December 2012

Paris, My Sweet

"if you want to fall (helplessly) in love with 
Paris, read this book"  

how should i put this? i had some of the most magical moments reading this book. sometimes i can just connect my self with Amy in her search for her true self along the days of decadent viennoiseries and tres delicieux chocolats.

sure thing,  the protagonist, Amy is a successful woman; writing for Louis Vuitton while living in Paris. Yet so alone. Being alone in the city of love? That's ironic, isn't it? 


what makes me fall for paris after years and years worshipping US, is the food. not the notion of it being the city of love... meh. sure, US is full of to-die-for steak, hot wings, and mesmerizing grandes cupcakes. but there's something about france and its wide range of sweet food; gateaux, viennoiseries, chocolats with divine quality (as described in the book) that captured me. maybe it has something with me being a little bit of a sweet tooth. hehehe. 

and i just know from the book that there's no French toast in France. it goes by the name pain perdu. and according to Amy, it waaaay more heavenly than those she had in America, let alone the ones we have in Malaysia. meh.

i hope someday, i can go to Paris and try all these sublime foodies. no matter how old i am when that time comes. and no matter if i'm torn between buying flight ticket to LAX or Charles de Gaulle, i'm going to go to the streets of Paris on the Velibs, munching on my Nutelle crepes, rather than walking along Miami beach on summer staring at all the hot American boys. oops :P 

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