Tuesday, 18 December 2012

heart-shaped box by joe hill

this is one hell of a scary book.

it's about a guy who was previously a popular metal singer. well, according to the book he had all these uncle stuff like beard and all, but coz beard is such a turn off, let's just say he didn't any gross-looking facial hair. better yet, maybe he can look like pat monahan, and then i'm gonna let the metal band part dissolve somewhere along the story. lol.

well, one day, he was alerted about a suit. not just one ordinary suit, but a haunted suit. being an avid collector of those freaky things, he decided to buy it for like, a thousand bucks. and it's really haunted. worth the money, right? i thought it's nearing the end of the novel already, BUT it turned out that the ghost that came along with the suit is meant to haunt him. and even worse, the ghost very determined to bring him to the afterlife. and the people close to him.


the story is great. brilliant, even. and i want to share here, in case my memory failed me in the future, about a secondary ghost story i found in the book. it's a bit sad. i loved it.

picture this. a girl playing with flowers and singing to herself. but in the middle, she was interrupted. she looked at the fence nearby, and slowly she went towards it. but something went wrong, because all that can be seen was her feet dangling, as if she's being snatched away by someone from the side over the fence. then she totally disappeared.

this is the ghost of a girl who was kidnapped when she was playing in her own lawn. like a DVD played over and over again, the ghost would appear to certain people, each time with similar story, but the person watching would have their mouth zipped shut, even if they really don't want her to go.

but remember our hero, the ex-metal singer? he managed to scream at her to not go there, and the ghost did hesitate. but reality stays the same, and the ghost would disappear at the end of the day.

i' like to read another joe hill's book...


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