Saturday, 29 December 2012

before you go by james preller

okay, i'm one of those people who do judge the book by its cover. hands down. :P and i reallyyyyy like the cover of this book, but the story inside is kinda disappointing.

all i can remember is it's about a dude, working around a beach. let's see, he has a dead sister, weird parents, normal friends, and a girl who eventually becomes his lover. 

oh, ya, it's coming back to me now. suddenly his best friend dies!

and guess? he was so depressed that he shuts everything down. oh, and he also crashed, physically, a new Mac that his father bought him to bring him back to life. mental note, never give your mentally depressed child expensive gifts, save it for better days, like graduation day or something.

but in the end, or so i think, he recovered. i really dont remember much. why? uh.. maybe it's just not my type of story. but judging from the things i manage to recall from my one-off reading, the author's good :)

and still, great book cover!!!!!

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