Saturday, 24 November 2012

kindle paperwhite : i can finally cross it from my wishlist

this is what kindle paperwhite looks like!

so i've been wanting an ebook reader for so long. but because malaysia has severe lack of ebook reader market, i had to turn to third party sellers, which are available all over lowyat network.

i've been peeking around sony's ebook reader since the beginning of the year, but at that time, it was priced around RM500+ which i think is quite expensive. so i waited. and while i was waiting (partly for my money to magically double up, partly for the ebook reader to get lower price) a new model of kindle came out, and i was immediately hooked. it can be read in the dark, i mean, what else do you want in an ebook reader? i definitely was crazy over that one aspect, and also the long battery life, up to 8 weeks on a single charge. and also the ability to search the meaning of a foreign word just by tapping on the word a bit longer. YAY!    

it took me around a month to set my mind on it, and after some approach to the sellers, i finally got my kindle paperwhite at rm400+. yes i know it's a steep price for usd119, but i believe it will worth the amount of books i'll be reading on it, so it doesn't matter much for me. (though now i'm officially broke :P)  

initially i was doubtful about getting a kindle since it can only read .mobi and not .epub files. however, i found out that we can easily convert epub into mobi and vice versa using this magical little software named calibre. so it was a blessing for the piles of epub files i have lying around my 'ebook' folder. not only that, i also currently use this software to manage the content in my kindle.

i'm very happy for finally getting my own ebook reader as this means that i can go back to my old old hobby, reading. i used to be the bookworm when i was in school, you know, that one student who you can find in library whenever circumstance allows so. but as i grow up and learnt to spend a lot of money shopping online and offline and getting piled up with many many commitment that require times, and being a student with not so much places to keep books, and also having the recent realization that flipping books makes me drowsy, i turned to reading ebook. initially i read on computer, around 6 books i guess, so you can imagine the huge eyestrain i got. 

so now, i'm back to being an avid reader. double yay!



yeay! fatin dah ada ipad mini! hehehe

Anonymous said...

hey, where did you get the kindle paperwhite? in low yat?

fatinlea said...

i bought in online, through lowyat network. this is the link for the seller's thread

Anonymous said...

hey! thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

hi there, i chanced upon your blog as i was researching online about kindle paperwhite. it appears that most people bought this e-reader (which much positive feedback like yours) online via the lowyat forum or the kindle malaysia. my real concern is buying books online (with amazon not shipping to this side of the word), so... i was wondering have you encountered any problems so far? hope you don't mind sharing with an avid reader like yourself, thanks a lot :)

fatinlea said...

there's some ways on buying ebookks from mazon, but i dont like the hassle. i found this page in lowyat too. take a look :)