Monday, 26 November 2012

dark places by gillian flynn

i had fallen in love, hard, to my first gillian flynn novel, gone girl. so i figured i would try to look into her other novels. and i picked 'dark places'.

it was not a wrong choice, at all. but i'd definitely say it's not my fave compared to gone girl.

dark places starts a little slow, beginning with the life of a dreadful woman, Libby. it was so boring, i thought about dropping the book. but once i get through half of the book, things just get better. well, maybe i'm just an impatient reader :P that's because at the last half of the book, i finally figured out what the hell happened.

brilliant storyline, i would say. it's just, i never thought that man and that girl could be the real killers. the Day family are just one unlucky bunch, ey?


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