Thursday, 29 November 2012

charlie and the chocolate factory

i think everyone but me has seen the movie version of this story. but i was too lazy to download the movie, and i need something light in between the thick novels, so i picked up the book. 

of course, it's amazing in its own childish way. maybe someday i'd watch the movie.



Faiqah Umaira Jamly said...

hey, i've read the book and watched the movie for how many times i dunno. They are amazing!

fatinlea said...

hee..... it's a a very good book actually. just now i tried reading charlie and the great glass elevator, but failed miserably T_T the second book's just too boring for my taste.

thanks for visiting :)


aku mcm x caye fatin x tgk lg movie dy. hew hew. the movie was awesome! no doubt. hee :D

fatinlea said...

ko tulun downloadkan la zati... internet ko laju.. hehehe


rajin plak aku bab download2 ni kan. haha!