Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Big Book of Gross Stuff by Bart King

i would recommend the book to anyone who need a break from the drama in life. it's all about facts, facts and facts about (maybe) some of the grossest things you'll ever read, things that you can definitely relate to. and not to forget, it gives you A LOT of new knowledge that you'd probably never see coming your way.

well, among the things that i can remember from this book :

first, a sperm whale barf is very valuable, so keep a lookout whenever you're on a beach for something that looks like dog's vomit that washes up ashore

second, there's a tribe that actually separates human's face from the skull and proceeds to make fist-sized shrunken heads, probably a ritual or just pastime activity, i don't know. i'm just glad i'm not anywhere nearby.

third, enema is a medical procedure that seems disgusting but can actually be very relieving to some people. google it yourself.

and there're many more interesting facts that you'll come across while reading this book as you progress through your journey on some gross topics in this book.

i'd say, enjoy. :P

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