Monday, 13 August 2012

Baby Proof by Emily Giffin


short summary

Baby Proof revolves around the life of Claudia Parr, who was, well... baby-proof. She was dead set on the idea of never having children of her own. And when she met Ben, they had agreed to not having children together, but as time passed by, Ben became smitten with the idea of having babies of their own.

Which leads to big changes in both lives.



as i am a sucker for happy endings, i am definitely delighted when i finished reading this book. 

considering that this is the first book that i've finished reading after years of non-committal flipping-through-pages, i would say that Baby Proof is  quite a winner. it keeps me intrigued about what will happen next and beyond. This may be a light slice-of-life novel, but since the characters are of different stage of life, i just didn't know what to expect.



is it worth having children, which the parents have to take care at least till they're 18? world is mean nowadays, there is no absolute guarantee that they will take care of the parents when they are old.

is it the right thing to do to sacrifice being who we are and to change our stand and ideology just to  have someone we love, love us back? 

cheating partners, are they worth keeping just for the sake of the children?


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