Wednesday, 15 August 2012

my first e-card! well, not really an e-card but more like polaroid pic :P

i've always liked to browse through, mostly because some of them is so funny, partly because most of them remind me of reality. and of course, i couldn't stow my twitchy fingers for so long before i wanted to make one of my own.

but instead of incorporating a catchy and funny phrase, i wanted something more meaningful, perhaps a reminder for myself, and whoever managed to catch a glimpse of it. human forget, anyways. 

i hope i can keep on doing this, though not frequently. because sometimes in lowest times of life, i do need some wise words to keep me going.

lolz i even imitate someecards signature style. my bad. :P


Azham Vsvc said...

cute e-card! I am loving it hehehe.

And your reminder stuck in my head for quite some time so I guess that the message is transferred hehe!

fatinlea said...

haha thanksie!

but its kind of such a harsh reality, thinking that love can turn into nothingness after all those things. ::shrugs::